Tuesday, February 28, 2012

of photos, friendship and love...

I love life! Who doesn't? Above is a collection of photos I have been taking for the past months. There was a time when all I had was a cellphone cam, and before that I had no cam at all. The old entries in this blog were shot using that now extinct phone of mine and the photos were of very poor quality. Back in those Friendster days I would rely on photos i found on Google to enhance my blog posts. I was mostly talking to myself though. Only very few friends knew I had such a page and it was more of a personal journal than a public one. It would be a surprise when a comment or two will pop. I have to mention those loyal friends'names...they still take time to read whatever I type no matter how senseless. Maribeth, Renaly, Ireneo, Mace, Joel, Jerry, Eileen, Gil, Rosvi, Marvin, Jen and Jhen... thank you for listening to me when you were my only readers in the world wide web. 

....and then I stumbled into a blog page in friendster, that of someone who had so much love for poetry I was so moved I couldn't leave her page without getting to know her more- that was Eng who then already belonged to a group called The Salitype Society. There I met the dear friends I have now who have instilled in me a love for photography...and writing for a cause...

Betchay, Carmen and MJ of Salitype Society
Maribeth of It's the Little Things
Tes of Crafista
my twinzy Cher of Sweet Memoirs
Ruthi of My Refuge Online 

 I still do not own a dslr cam, what I have is a simple digital cam. Perhaps one of these days I will finally find myself purchasing one....but for now, life as it is is blessed with people who come sharing their thoughts and leaving traces of love and admiration...for what good is a picture without a friend to share it with.....thank you for gracing the pages of my life.....
It is my pleasure and honor to be a part of yours....

from the humble world of a Kulasa

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  1. wow! that's fast transition! last time i had to wait for so many days, errr, i think i just didn't figure out how to upgrade fr my old simplycherrific to sweetmemoirs domain until Ruthi helped me. lol!

    congrats! now you can truly call it your home. all the best on blogging happine$$. don't mind about not having a dlsr, now i can live without it with all honesty. hehehe! it's not about the camera but the person behind the camera who captures beauty beyond words.

    keep inspiring us with your letters of november and stunning photos.

  2. wonderful collage! i agree with Cher (above comment) when it comes to cameras...it's almost like cooking: we don't need hi-tech gadgets to produce good food that keeps us satisfied and nourished. :)

    now why did i just talk about food..lol. i must be hungry! :D

    thanks much for visiting!

  3. There is a lot to love about your photo mosaic...smiling faces, skies, flowers...all so delightful! :)

  4. Beautiful collage! My first visit to your blog and its really fantastic!
    Have a wonderful day:)

  5. Beautiful collage, Zen. I always love reading your words. They are always poignant and speaking from the heart. I take a lot of pictures with my cellphone too, its very convenient. Am glad to have met you Zen, i feel so blessed for having friends such as you.

  6. It is a pleasure to be your friend and to get to know you ... thank you !

  7. Thanks for the mention... I am honored... ^_^

  8. Hey there stranger! With such awesome shots like you got for your banner, you shouldn't be surprised at all to be getting countless comments on your pages! I wonder what type of digital slr camera you are using. I am only an amateur on these thingy and I am aching to get the best tips from pros like yourself.


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