Thursday, March 24, 2011


there's absolutely nothing more that this mother's heart ardently wishes
than to see her two sons
loving each other
until she crosses beyond the sunset....

for it is what will keep her sun shining..long after her days are done....

7 yorum:

  1. i love the first image most, it seems like they are praising God for their beautiful life! :)
    all mothers have the same wishes...

  2. oh love the pictures Zen, awesome!! the first picture they look like praising, and the 2nd picture, they look like immersing in their jubilation.

  3. Tomorrow, Saturday, we will be observing EARTH HOUR. Show your support here.

  4. it is so touching...both words and photos. your words always tags a special string to heart and soul.

    you are lucky to have them and them you, doki!!!!


  5. Outstanding photos, Kulasa! They are absolutely captivating to see, and yes, your words always touch me too. Just beautiful!

  6. love the photos... can't wait to go to the beach. the beach brings back happy memories for me too and my siblings. your words are touching.


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