Wednesday, August 25, 2010

soul mate

the world is huge
or is it?
i think not to souls connected by
an invisible cord
we stay together
amidst the distance
and even if we utter not a word
have never hugged, embraced or kissed in person
we are united
and co-exist...
like this two yellow pretty winged creatures i found
resting on a wall...
we all do find comfort in our
silent embrace...

9 yorum:

  1. Zen, love the meaning and thoughts in your poem. love the photo too.indeed, amidst the distance, we stay together and continue to grow and find joy with each other, such as these 2 beautiful yellow butterflies. lovely picture.

  2. Zen... love the poem. deep and meaningful... love the photo too.

  3. thank you so much rainfield, i am back in the blogging world i hope for good hehehe,

    @Betchai and ruthi- this is actually dedicated to you my wonderful friends whom i've never met, spoken to hugged and kissed in person but have touched my soul in a way that i can never fully explain or comprehend but love...

  4. hi soul mate! i beg you to be back for good, missed those naturally flowing words for you. ;)

  5. Great new blog skin and happy to see you back.

  6. Beautiful poem! Some time we do not need to be "in person" to feel what the other feels..It's soul mate then!

  7. Cher- hi there too soul mate! i wish i could....i will try to be here as often as i could,
    Sandra- thank you so much!
    Icy- yah, and it feels wonderful to have soul mates around, thanks again.
    Biyaheng Pinoy- salamat po.


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