Tuesday, August 3, 2010

to blog again

suddenly i want to blog again....

the big difference is that i used to be so inlove with mere words, not so much with images

but my salitype family taught me how to love that thing called a camera and my life has changed


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  1. awwww, you make want to blog too sis. i was actually thinking of reviving my simply cherrific site since i already have my CSC Gallery. yeah, we better be blogging again! cheers! was planning to start on the 15th, hehehe! let's see...

    btw, i love the new header!!!

  2. hahahahaha, so let us blog again soul sis, see yah! mwah, the header...is the view i see at daylight at home..i wish you could visit our humble home someday,

  3. Zen, glad to hear from you reviving this site, actually, blogging is more for words Zen, only lately that many photo blogs came out. so you can combine them both powerfully in your site and your artistic skill in designing your site can be put to use too, oh, love the design of your blow Zen. you see, I don't simply put photos in my site, I try to share our experiences too, because I can not write poems like you, while you Zenserly, am sure, your blog will fly high with both images and words.

  4. haha, i mean love the design of your blog, now blow......typo :(

  5. thanks again Betchai!hahahaha, blow..blog whatever sis, hehehehehehe, i love yah! see you around mwah!

  6. I like the angle in your photo! Just beautiful! For me, some images bring out the words in me..I hope you blog again!


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