Tuesday, April 13, 2010

of love and flowers

It has been quite a while since i wrote a letter here....sigh....

I've been through one great test in life again...

so to myself i write-

Dear Kulasa,

May God Bless you girl.
This November 1st you are going to hit "35"...whew!
Funny how you are lost for words now...ha ha ha...


....hahahahaha, i am at work now, waiting for medicines to work on my dear patients...
...it is almost Midnight! ....my stomach yearns for food!
...aaaahhhhhh life is so simple really when you come to really think of it...
"hungry- you eat"
"sleepy- you sleep"
"love someone- kiss"
"mmmmm angry- shout"
"happy- laugh"
"tired- rest"
"too tired to even breathe- die"
hahahahahahaha.......i'm too sleepy to make sense now...
posting my dad's favorite flower- sending it to heaven...you know, the people we love never leave us.....they will forever be with us, in God's simple gifts of "pleasure"....Blessed day everyone!

7 yorum:

  1. hey, Zen, power ranger, so glad to see you updating this site again!!!! i so love the picture that goes with it, and of course, the simple takes in life. yes, hungry- we eat, tired- we rest, healthy- work :) hahaha! healthy- enjoy life, simple pleasures to the fullest.

  2. Nice to see you here with your lovely flower and nice thoughts.

  3. hi girl! nice to hear from you rhyming once again. i remembered those flowers, tawag namin dyan eh alas-kwatro because of the four petals.....lol!

    right now, i'm hungry so i better ransacked what's in the fridge...ha!ha!ha!

    love you kulasa!!

  4. Hi, not seeing you for along time and welcome back with all these hahahahahahaha..

  5. Oh Sistah... welcome back. Finally, the blogging bug bit you. LOL. I have been waiting for this. Nice post very touchy too. Happy blogging.

  6. hi zen,

    warm-hearted blog here. congratulations!

  7. finally an update =)

    how have you been?


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