Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a letter to dad

dear dad,

oh sure, dad's day is over..
but it is going to be your
birthday soon...and
you are turning "70"
huh! my dad is
aged he he he he...
as i write this i
see your silhoette and
hear you working with
your tools outside the
"to live is to move!"
that has been your
favorite line for
weeks now...
i know i will never
have the courage to
let you read this
he he he..
although oftentimes
you would barge
into our room when i am
infront of this computer
(and most of the
time i am he he he) but
i never really had the
strength to let you
read a poem or an
essay of mine....
i don't know, maybe
because i know i'd be
giving you a hard time...
ha ha ha ha, your eyesight
has become poorer and
poorer ha ha ha and i
could just imagine you
sticking your nose
near the monitor,
holding your eyeglasses
ha ha ha....but i do want
the world to know that
you are one of the best
dads in the world...
haaaayyyyy do you
remember weekends when
i was a child until i was a would take
us to the sea where
you would indulge in
your fishing hobbby and
i would spend my time watching
the waves....playing in the i miss those days...
now, you no longer drive...i
do not drive too so we have
no way of going there
anytime we want ha ha ha
..and remember that time
i asked you to teach me
how to sing and you
wrote the lyrics of a
carpenter song on the
board, teaching me the
melody word for word
ha ha ha ha ha but
still i never got to sing...
i mean really learn to sing
melodiously ha ha ha....
but you, you can sing!
how you love Josh Groban...
he has to know that you are
his number one fan he he he...
at lunch today we talked
about my kids' growing up...
and you said, you feel you
will live to be 80 plus or so
which means you still
have ten years to spend
with us....and as i thought
about this it hit me...
the best things in life
are truly free and i would
want to stay not that busy
for the next ten years
may God allow it to
be longer...
so i could be with you...
to watch you age
gracefully, be there when
you will need me the
most...i remember how
i panicked when you
had your stroke...i thought
that you would die, i was
looking after patients
at work when you had
the symptoms and i wasn't there
for you at once....
do you remember that time
when i told you i was
pregnant for the first time?
i was in first year med,
single and unprepared
and you cried
like a child? and said
it was only
the second time you
ever cried in your life...
the first time was
when your mother died...
and how you helped me
through it all....
and i learned that no man
will ever surpass a
father's love for his
you were there when i
first fell inlove...and you
even taught me how to
write my first love letters
.....unknowingly though he he he
because i made you my
walking dictionary...
right now as i write, i
feel like a child...
i even sound like a child..
if only to be with you
for the rest of your remaining
years...i think i will
give up career
i love you dad...
and i thank God for

sincerely yours,


10 yorum:

  1. zen, this is so touching... nalungkot ako bigla, naalala ko papa ko. :(

    you are blessed to still have your dad around! :)

  2. Why don't you give your dad a hug a day, this is more than a letter.
    It is a good letter, but marked as unread, by you on behalf of your father.

  3. as I was reading this entry I have to admit pinaiyak mo ko sis...I'm with my dad every day and I tell him that I love him every single day but still after reading your letter I'd say I think I'd say I love you more each day...It's a letter that shouldn't be marked unread...this letter will surely make him cry again for the 3rd you sis...

  4. hi, just dropping by! inice poem...i don't have one for dad but i have dedicated him a song when i got's butterfly kisses =) the message of the songs speaks of our dad-daughter relationship

  5. very nice. you should show this to him, zen, and give him a big hug. i-mail mo, that would be swell!

  6. hi Zen, you should show this to your dad Zen, am sure he'll love this, and am sure, he'll give you a big hug as well, if he is not a computer person, you can print this out and have him read it, but it would be nice too if he sees this in computer :) and he knows your work is here :) my father gets excited with little things, even with just my pictures in the net :) am sure, he would say, like my father and uncles, "ay, may blog pa yan si inday", hahahaha! as if having a blog is big thing, hahahaha!

  7. oh zen! this is lovely..i'd say go and give it to your dad. he will love it knowing he means this much to you, i'm teary eyed girl!

    i would be a lovely present not just at birthday but anyday...

  8. Zen, i love this, your Dad is lucky to have you as a daughter... i made a poem (tagalog) for my "tatay" on father's day, and until now he keeps the poem i wrote in a normal paper... last time i went home, i found the paper still in his jeans jacket's pocket and i asked him whoa! you still keep it? he said, "yes, because it's from my favorite daughter... it's from you..." ;)

    Zen kiss and hug your "tatay" for me... thank you for this beautiful poem.

  9. died around three months after i published this post...and i regret not having him read this...

  10. Beautiful letter, Zen, and very touching and heart warming also. I don't understand why Asian's culture always taught the kids to be fearful with their parents, and hold back physical closeness.

    Sorry to have missed this post, Zen!


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