Monday, February 7, 2022

Our COVID Story


So yes, here goes our family COVID scare. After two years of battling the pandemic working both in public service, the hubby and I tested positive for COVID. He had symptoms first, video-calling me on a Wednesday afternoon saying that he was feeling unwell and that he planned to have himself tested soon. He had fever and colds and slight cough. The next day he had an Antigen test which yielded a positive result so he underwent RT-PCR. He then came to isolate, preferring to be under my care to be babied at home. So the family immediately undertook a COVID alert protocol. I prepared our room where he will be isolating. I took my belongings to our son's room and the son was evacuated to the other house. Everyone wore masks. The hubby's food was served in disposable containers. I was feeling well for the first twenty four hours. After 48 hours we learned of his result as well as that of a workmate of mine. They both tested positive so technically I had exposure to two Covid patients. Whew, I had a feeling I would also test positive. On Friday night, I began experiencing sore throat more on the right side which lingered until the time I was swabbed. 

I alerted the rest of the family that I will also be in isolation. True to my instinct, I also tested positive. I took medications to do away with the discomfort of nasal stuffiness; sore throat and muscle pain. Thank God for vaccination and my booster shot weeks ago. I did not experience moderate nor severe signs and symptoms. I just had trouble sleeping not used to sleeping alone/ without the hubby

On the third day of isolation the hubby coaxed me to watch the sunrise with him by the farm. No one else would be there for sure so we had the chance to breathe in fresh air. Thank God for the hubby's emotional strength which I totally lack haha, so yeah he is the leader in this marriage 😁. We were treated to well wishes from friends and the family most especially my MOM who called up every now and then. A sister-in-law kept us nourished with food. Here goes some...

So we are okay now. The hubby was back to work today. I will be back on Wednesday too. It was a scare but with proper care COVID can be survived! And we can eradicate it soon! Vaccinate, wash hands often and keep a safe distance from others plus keep your immune system strong! :) Thank you to everyone for the prayers and thoughts. You all know who you are. 

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