Sunday, December 12, 2021

As of Late



So, lately I have been hmm as always a busy-bee. I have been juggling law school and work. Family of course is a constant. And yes Love of Family is of prime importance. Last weekend the hubby and I were able to take a breather in our recent favorite spot in the world. The road in the IG post leads to the place. 

Anyway, I've been having more time to think lately. Now that seems a contradiction to being busy bee aha! I meant studying and contemplating on work I've come to one realization that is the beauty of a light soul. 

Since I had my laptap reset and I had to log-in to google anew, I toyed with the applications and stumbled upon one podcast which shared one important thing to do upon waking up in the morning. The podcast shared the practice of "gratefulness". I totally agree that our minds can be programmed to think "happy" "productive" and yes "grateful" thoughts. These days when the pandemic has not officially ended it is easy to stick to languishment. Then again it does not lead to anything positive to dwell on dooms-day thoughts eh. 

Hmmm looks like my breaking up (once more) with sweets I must admit I ate all the cake given to my on my birthday is doing me great! So today while reading for my final examinations I realized that instead of cursing people who sort of are not my favorites for one reason or another,  I will from now on PRAY for everyone; wish everyone will be good as good people can be and to simply SMILE and refer every bad thing to God. 
Gee, that is all for now! Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

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