Friday, October 15, 2021

The Case Digests Project


So, just in case you are still following this blog you might be wondering why there are Supreme Court decided cases posted in The Letters In November.

I've been a law student for around seven long years now due to a love-hate relationship with the Juris Doctor curriculum 😅. Yep I'm still an M.D. determined to finish the J.D. degree, or am I? So to keep me sane, hmm as if I am indeed, I am sharing my law thoughts/ digested cases here. Probably I could reach out to someone out there also digging his or her grave 🤣 in the beautiful world of law. 

So er goes, I hope you'd still be there when I finish the journey and be back to my usual fashion and nature-loving insane self. Ciao! 😀- as a law student that is all the time I could spare for now. Fighting! Midterms is waving! 

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