Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A Night in Costa Villa

Okay so these photos where from November 23 of 2019. The pandemic had them stock in my drafts. My posts digging needless to say led to their publishing.

From what I remember, I arrived from a convention and the hubby and I decided to spend the night  in San Juan. Please ignore my haggard look 😅.

So of course, the room was off-limits to the hubby before I am able to take photos of literally EVERYTHING 😊.

Yeah the room had two beds. 

And the comfort room provided the basics. 

The pillows, television, aircon were captured by my cam. Thanks to the hubby for this shot and the rest showing my whole body 😛. And so off to a goodnight's sleep we went. 

The next day I was able to scan the rest of the environment. 

I found Son Goku of Dragon Ball Z at the hotel frontage. 

Then we headed for breakfast at the adjacent Resto Sabroso. I think we ate in haste so no evidence of what we gulped and chewed. 

So there goes my best recollection of our night at Costa Villa, San Juan. 

~I'll be doing more excavations for the hotels I visited before and during the Pandemic. I hope my enthusiasm to post won't dwindle 😂 for after all every day is a memory worth posting!

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