Monday, July 24, 2017

3 Signs Your Marriage is Worth Fighting For


If you are going through a difficult time in your marriage or relationship it is common to start feeling negative and focusing on the signs that say that it is heading towards the end. However, it is also really important to focus on the positives and explore the signs that indicate that you are still in a relationship that could have a future. In order to really give your marriage a chance read the following areas that you should be considering to truly understand if it can be saved and if there is still hope.

You Know You Are Not Perfect

We are not talking about putting yourself down, focusing on your weaknesses and feeling terrible about yourself. We are talking about how shifting your perspective can completely change the way we view certain situations. When things feel like they are falling apart it is natural to blame our partners. However even if your partner's behaviour is not ideal it is worth looking how their mood, behaviour and choices may be affected and impacted by your mood, behaviour and choices. If you can think of times where you have criticised him or hurt him through judgemental or negative behaviour then you are recognising how your own behaviour and energy can work as a catalyst for negative feelings between the two of you.

Therefore recognising where perhaps your behaviour isn’t ideal and changing the way you approach situations where you feel hurt or disappointed could drastically change the dynamic between the two of you. Putting yourself in your partner's shoes is a good way to start understanding how you can work on your behaviour and can have really positive results in the dynamics of your marriage.

You Both Are Open To Help

Looking for external help, in tough times, is a healthy choice and an indication that both parties want to work through problems. Going to therapy or attending marriage seminars is a really positive sign that you are both doing everything that you can to understand why you are in the place that you are in. Seeking help will help you to talk through issues, in a safe and supportive environment, and will give you the opportunity to both explore each others perspectives and will allow you to learn different ways to approach common problems. So this is a really positive sign if this is something that you are both committed to.

Memories & Reminders Make You Feel Good

It can be something really small. A whiff of your husbands aftershave or the sudden memory of a lovely afternoon spent together. If these make you feel good and bring up positive feelings then this is a big indicator that your feelings are still strong and that this is a person that you still see positively and with love. Explore those feelings and see whether these feelings of positive connections and connotations run true in small details in your day to day life.  

Sometimes it really can be the little things that tell us so much about ourselves our partners and our relationships. So be vigilant and open to the details in your relationship that indicate whether this person is still a positive person in your life, if your feelings are still positive and therefore whether this is something that you really want to work at and fight for.

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