Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mind Over Matter: Simple Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

When you hear the word health, what comes to mind? Do you envisage putting your trainers on and going for a run or tucking into a bowl full of crisp green salad leaves? Many of us tend to pay much more attention to physical health than we do our mental wellbeing, but times are changing. People are more open about mental health issues, and we’re coming to realize that mental health conditions are very common. If you’ve been neglecting your psychological health, here are some simple ways to improve your mental wellbeing.

Treat yourself as you would others
Are you the best friend a girl could have or do you go out of your way to cheer your sister up when she’s down? Many of us think of ourselves as gentle and kind souls, but our generosity and patience seem to run out when we make mistakes, or we’re having days when we don’t feel so great. How often do you compliment other people? Are you always there to lift your friends back up when they fall? It can be very easy to be self-critical, but try and treat yourself in the same way as you do other people. Whether you’re having a day when nothing seems to suit you or you’ve struggled at work, it’s usually much more beneficial to tread gently than to put yourself down.

Use your time constructively
You may be one of those people who barely has a minute to yourself or you may find that you have too much time. Whether you have a hectic lifestyle or you could do with something to occupy your mind and those spare hours, make sure you use your time constructively. Don’t waste hours doing nothing. If you’re not working or seeing other people, devote your time to doing things you enjoy and find hobbies or interests that enthuse or intrigue you. Perhaps you’re an expert when it comes to using a socket set or a saw, and you wish you had more time to devote to DIY projects or maybe you’re keen to learn a language, take up a new sport or start dancing lessons. Try and find a balance between work and play, and make the most of your downtime. It’s lovely to be able to chill out with a film from time to time, but switching things up can give you a new lease of life, make you more sociable, and enable you to learn new skills.

Escape the stress
Are you prone to feeling stressed out? If so, you’re not alone. For most people, stress plays a role in day to day life. Mild stress is usually nothing to worry about, but if you don’t learn to cope with stress, it can spiral out of control. If you’re stressed, find coping mechanisms that work for you. Some people like to talk about their feelings, some like to take time out, and others find exercise a miracle cure. Meditation can be beneficial for some sufferers while writing, painting or playing music can soothe others. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of having 5 minutes, getting out in the fresh air, and taking some deep breaths. In other cases, it’s much harder to overcome stress, and this is where professional help may be required.

Recognizing when there’s a problem
If you’ve got a pain in your ankle after a slip or you’re coughing and you’ve got a temperature, it’s very easy to ascertain that things aren’t quite right. With mental health illnesses, it can be tougher to spot the warning signs and to work out that how you’re feeling isn’t normal. We all have days when we’re not as happy and energetic as others. However, if you feel low for a prolonged period of time, your mood changes all the time or you’ve lost interest in spending time with friends or leaving the house, this isn’t the same as just having a bad day. If you don’t feel right in yourself or other people have started to worry, seek advice from your doctor. It’s as important to treat mental health conditions as it is to remedy physical health problems.

Are you clued up on mental health? Not all of us have psychological conditions, but all of us should value our mental health. This is an issue that affects all of us. We all want to be happy and confident. If you’ve been focusing your energy on dropping a dress size or eating more fruit and vegetables, it’s time to devote as much care and attention to your mind. Be kind to yourself, try and manage stress, make the most of your free time, and don’t be afraid to seek help if you spot warning signs.

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