Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cheat Day!

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Who doesn't love cheat days? Hihihi, most certainly not me! As you can see, I kinda lost a lot of weight in the past six months. People have been calling me skin and bones already! I have been telling them I only look so thin because I have a small facial frame. No one agrees save for ze BFF and ze hubby LOL.

Anyway, when I have the access to ice cream I do scream for it! My all time fave flavor is of course Rocky Road- a phrase dad loved to pronounce as "Rough Road" haha! I can almost hear him saying "WOW Rough Road" while I happily licked on the sweet treat like a little child. The photo I posted above on IG was taken by the hubby. I could now bully him into taking photos of me even in public take note! Ha-ha!

I love it that I now fit in leggings without being mistaken for being preggy haha! Off shoulder blouses are a hit on my side of the world now. I am enjoying it! I wish I could be back wearing shorts since summer is around the corner here. I am currently dealing on nasty things on my skin- will tell you about that when I heal 'em LOL.

Anyway the purpose of this post is to remind women out there who are into healthy eating like me (Ahem) not to overdo dieting. Take time for a sweet treat so as not to get lunatic LOL.

Ice cream anyone!

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