Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tech Upgrades You've Just Got To Have In Your Home

Technology has moved along leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades. The fact that we can communicate with each other through this blog is just one example of the power of technology to fundamentally shape our lives and all that is important to us.

But there’s one area of life that technology has bypassed: the home. Despite the incredible advances in computer learning and communications, houses remain dumb boxes, made from brick and mortar.

The march of technology, however, continues unabated. And now it’s making its way into our homes. Here are the tech upgrades you’ve been waiting for that you’ve just got to have in your home.

Home Security

Many homes for sale today comes with smart security systems. Security systems have evolved considerably from the early days of large and ugly cameras. Now they’re small, elegant - even beautiful - and much higher resolution. What’s more, the days of running cables to outside cameras are well and truly over: modern systems allow you to connect all your cameras to WiFi.

Of course, all new systems come with companion apps for your smartphone so you can watch live video feeds from your house, no matter where you are. Homes with great security systems are an important selling point.

High-Tech Light Switches

Light switches used to work by mechanically shutting off the flow of electricity to a bulb. But technology has advanced considerably since the days of Edison. Modern light bulbs are much different, allowing homeowners to use touch-sensitive pads and dimmers with to control of lighting in all rooms of the house.

Older buildings don’t have these kinds of features, but they’re surprisingly easy to install. A simple call to the local electrician is usually all that it takes.

Home Apps

Smartphone apps have transformed the way we live, do business and find our way around new cities over the last nine years. But you might be wondering what any of this has to do with our homes? It turns out that modern apps are becoming increasingly integrated into things like the lighting and heating in our homes. Apps can be used to control things like when the lights turn on before you get in and how warm you want your home to be before you get back from work.

You can even use apps to tell your robot vacuum cleaner to get vacuuming before you get in so that it doesn’t disturb you while you’re binge-watching Lost on Netflix.

HD Fridges

Yes, you read that right: HD fridges. HD fridges are refrigerators with HD displays on the front door. These refrigerators, especially the ones from LG, have lots of new in-built functionality that sounds as if it is straight out of the future. For instance, you can now talk to your fridge, telling it to order food items you are running low on and have them delivered by your local grocery store. You can also look inside new fridges without actually opening the door by tapping the HD display twice, making it go see-through. What a great way to save on energy?

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