Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Incredible Ideas You'll Love For Your Next Party

Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate some good news or a birthday. Sure, they can be hard work, and they may even cost a little, but a party can bring all your favourite people together. There are plenty of great party ideas that can help you throw the most memorable and fun event you’ve ever been to. Best of all, they’re not going to eat up all your budget or time to do.

To start, you need to decide if you’re going to use an event planner. Professionals that plan and manage parties for a living really know what they’re talking about. They have the industry contacts to get you the best catering and entertainment. When you choose to hire one, try to attend one of their events first so you can get a feel for how slick their organisation is. You want a party to feel organic and natural. An effortless feeling proves they’ve done their job well.

Next on your party list is the food. You might be more concerned with the drinks list, but providing some snacks, a buffet, or even a three-course meal can help keep the guests happy. A caterer is the easiest option, but you can still find plenty of great party food in good grocery stores. Pick a few favourite recipes and lay out a spread that your guests will love. As for the drinks, pick a punch or a few cocktails that you can do well. Don’t forget the extra glasses and plates.

If you love posting to social media using apps like Instagram then why not set up a page exclusively for the party? It can make the guests feel like they’re at an exclusive event too. You could hire a professional photographer or even install a photo booth for the night. Browse for a good example of photo booths that you can find online. Some come with additional features like printing or social media connection.

Music is really important at a party to help get everyone in the right mood. If you hire live musicians, audition them before signing their contract. You will also want to verify their playlist and playing time. It’s worth checking if they’re willing to do requests for your guests too. Do some level checks when they set up so you know you won’t be upsetting the neighbours too much!

Lighting creates the right party atmosphere so consider your decor and lighting plan carefully. Fairy lights behind a sheer sheet of fabric can create a lovely soft glow. Coloured lights can also offer a great effect. If you’re in the garden, consider how you will keep your venue adequately lit after dark. Avoid using naked flames if you can as they can become quite hazardous if left unattended.

Party games can be fun for smaller groups that know each other quite well. You might choose a console game competition or something more elaborate and physical to do. Even traditional games like charades can be fun with the right crowd. Have a great event.

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