Monday, September 12, 2016

Dressed To Impress Ze Hubby

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Ha ha! Oh well, the only part of my body which looks sexy when bare are my shoulders LOL. So when my twinzy of Sweet Memoirs inspired me with her off-shoulder outfit the other week I did not think twice about buying my blouse above.

So today on our movie date I wore it half expecting the hubby to protest. He always does when he does not approve of my garb. Yet today he was quiet as I let those shoulders breathe in public LOL. That inspires me to keep eating healthily and moving every so often both at home and at work. Believe me, when you are that motivated to trim down your weight you will achieve your goal. I'll post my before and after healthy living photos soon! I did not even have to go the gym to lose weight! I just ate the right kind and amount of food and worked moving about. Tell you the whole story soon!

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