Thursday, August 11, 2016

How Quality Water Can Lead to a Healthier Life

Just like oxygen, we need water to survive. We have all been told how we need to drink a set amount of water a day in order to live a healthy lifestyle. We have also seen and heard of many celebrities who swear that their one secret to looking good, is the fact that they too follow the water guidelines; making sure they never find themselves anything less than overhydrated. Whilst everything just mentioned is extremely important, you could be going one step further. Ditching the simple tap water for something even better.


Our bodies are made up of over two thirds of water, it is crucial that the water we are drinking we know is quality assured. The water that we drink is going to have a lot of work to do within our bodies. We require water to:

  • Eliminate waste products that are filtered via our kidneys
  • Lubricate our joints
  • Regulate our body temperature
  • Prevent constipation by moving food particles through the intestines
  • Help to regulate our metabolism
  • Form our saliva
  • Drinking water can help with overeating

There are even more jobs that we require of water, the crucial ones are listed above. There are also different options available to you to get quality assured water.

Floor standing and wall mounted water fountains being one of them. Many only link them back to school times, and while they are perfect for in the playground, they offer so much more. Not only do they offer quality controlled water that can benefit us, they can also benefit the earth. In this carbon footprint conscious world we live in. Say goodbye to constant plastic bottles and the mountain of washing up in the staff room. The production of water bottles uses an enormous amount of oil and consequently CO2, not only to create but to also be shipped around and reach you. And with many businesses being made more and more aware of how economical they actually are, a water fountain is only going to help this. On a less grand scale, brita filters can help you to self filter your water and continue to prevent buying an access of plastic bottles. If you are left with no choice but to buy bottled water, try to make sure the bottles you keep, you either use yourself or recycle them accordingly.

You may be panicking about how you can even manage to drink a good amount of water throughout your day, but don’t overthink it. Get yourself into a routine, have a glass or two every morning whilst you get ready for your day. Carry water around with you wherever you go (this can also help you to reuse that empty bottled water). Remember to also drink water before you actually feel thirsty. This will help to keep your body regulating and prevent mild dehydration.


Quality water is going to make sure you are giving your body the premium fuel it needs to keep your body running smoothly. Whichever way you find it, regularly drinking quality water that is better for you and does not damage the earth or your body, is going to lead to healthier and happier life.

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