Sunday, August 14, 2016

Great Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

We all have certain things we’d like to change about our home. You may be a little close to some kind of noisy disturbance, or have a d├ęcor scheme which feels more dated as the days go by. One of the most irritating issues you can have with a home is a lack of space. Although you’ve only got four walls to work within, there are still many things you can do to create a more spacious home.

The first thing I can suggest is making more use of the high ceilings in your home. I’ve seen a lot of residences which aren’t much in terms of the square footage, but have very high ceilings that are simply being left there. This is most common in studio apartments and bungalows by far. If you’ve got high ceilings, be sure to use them. Have a loft space installed, and use this as a storage area, or simply another room. At the very least, you can bring in some tall wardrobes or other storage which will make the most of the space available to you. The space you’re looking for could be more obvious than you think!

Sometimes, the issue with space is purely to do with convenient storage, rather than the dimensions of the home feeling stifling. If this is the case with your home, then there’s one affordable and hugely effective solution: buying an ottoman or two. Ottomans are generally nice and neutral in design, so you’ll probably be able to add it to your lounge without having to worry about any clashes in style. Then, whenever you need it, you can simply lift up a hatch, pull out a draw, and store all kinds of bits and bobs which would just be creating clutter otherwise. The same concept can be applied in bedrooms, with beds that lift up to reveal storage space. When the clutter’s getting too much to deal with, furniture with in-built storage can be a brilliant solution. You can find some gorgeous Ottomans at Brosa.

You may have tried my first two suggestions a long time ago, and found that your spatial problem is something to do with the building itself. If you’ve come to this conclusion, then it might feel like you’re pretty stuck. However, if you have the capital and the patience, you can have some kind of extension done. Simply put, if your home doesn’t have enough rooms, create one! Loft conversions are one of the most popular kinds of extensions. However, more and more people these days are turning to granny flat builders and having outside rooms built in their gardens. This will not only give you more space to live, but will drive up the price of your home when you come to sell. Alternatively, you could build a room next to another, and have the wall knocked through.
You don’t have to go on feeling claustrophobic! Try out one of these three tips, and you’ll feel refreshed by how much more space you have to use.

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