Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Get Your Garage Organized Once and For All

Your garage is a valuable space that you can put to great use. Whether you keep a vehicle in it or not, there's plenty of space for you to store things or have extra living space. However, all too often, garages become messy and disorganized. They get filled with junk you never use, and when you do want something, you can't find or access it. If you're not keeping it organized, it's a waste of your garage's potential. If you end up just shuffling things around, it's time to take control. Stop putting it off and create a plan to get everything sorted out so that you can use your garage properly.

Start with Clearing Out

If you want to get organized, you need to begin by getting rid of anything you don't need. Your garage is sure to have things that are no longer useful to you. If you haven't used it in the last six to twelve months, you don't need to keep it. If it's broken and you're not going to fix it, it certainly doesn't need to take up space in your garage. You can begin by deciding what will stay and what will go. Of the things to dispose of, decide what's a donation, what will be recycled and what will go in the trash. Work with one of the waste disposal companies that offer many rubbish removal services. They can come and take everything away from you so it looks neat and tidy.

What to Store Elsewhere

Before you start reorganizing everything, there are some things you shouldn't put back into the garage. Some materials aren't suitable for the environment. It's likely to be cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and perhaps damp too. For example, you shouldn't store paint in your garage. Extreme heat can affect it, so it's better off somewhere with more temperature control. Keep propane tanks indoors too so that they don't come in contact with any sparks from your car or other items. While using your garage as space for an extra fridge might seem like a good idea, they can use up a lot of energy in a hot garage.

Make a Plan

Before you make any moves, you should create a plan. It will help you know what you're doing and what's going to go where. Make a floor plan and include the wall and ceiling space. Make sure you measure the space you have, as well as your car or another vehicle. You need to know how much space you require to pull in and out of the garage safely. Don't forget to consider things like doors and windows so that you leave those spaces clear. Start thinking about which items you can group together. For example, you can put sports equipment or gardening tools in the same area.

Use Your Wall and Ceiling Space

If you want to organize your garage, you need to make the best use of the space. The clever thing to do is use your vertical space as much as possible. This leaves the floor clear for your car or other purposes. You can use all sorts of storage options to fix things to the wall or provide brackets, hooks, baskets and cabinets. Use the ceiling space carefully to ensure it's safe and accessible.

Storage Systems

There are many types of storage you can use for your garage. You could consider using a system that covers a wall or the ceiling that allows you to add units. Being able to move things easily is useful, especially when you can configure the storage system however you want it. You could look at items like peg boards, track-based systems and panelized systems. Shelves always work well because you can store anything on them. You won't end up with cabinets that you use to hide a mess you don't have to look at. Open storage encourages you to keep everything neat. It's also useful to have closed containers, such as clear plastic tubs for smaller items.

How to Keep It Clean and Tidy

Once you've got it organized, it needs to stay that way. The important thing to remember is to put everything back in its place. In addition to that, tidying up and cleaning now and then will help you stay on top of things. Don't leave it so long that you have to have a huge clear-out again. Throw things away as they become obsolete instead of putting them in a pile somewhere.

Get on top of your garage organization once and you'll never have to do it again. Just remember to work at keeping it tidy.

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