Friday, June 10, 2016

Vacation Style: The Fashion Essentials You Need To Pack

Going on vacation is an exciting time for anyone. It’s the time of year you get to spend with loved ones or family without any interruptions. It can mean a break from work and a chance to relax and unwind. It can be just as exciting leading up to the vacation as well as being on it. We can get thrown into the whole “what should we pack” and “do we have the right travel documents” drama. So I thought I’d make the packing side a little easier and share with you some of the fashion essentials to pack for your next vacation.


Easy to wear jewelry

Accessories are just as important to those outfit of the days on vacation as they are at home. However, some jewelry can be a little hard to wear in the heat. So make sure you pack some easy to wear things that will transform your look without making you feel hot and sweaty. Things like wrap bracelets and statement earrings will be a good route to go. Also, make sure that what you pack is bright and colorful. You are more likely to wear colorful things on vacation so the choice of jewelry can be an extension of that.

Swimwear you feel confident in

Most women will tell you that thought of wearing a bikini on the beach can fill them with dread. This is because the stomach area of a woman's body is one of the things that some women feel less confident in. So while on vacation you want to make sure you look great but also comfortable. You want to feel confident in what you are wearing. So take the time to choose the right swimwear for you.


A fantastic pair of shades

No summer vacation wardrobe would be complete without a fantastic pair of shades. You will be rocking this for most of the day and perhaps into the evening to. So make sure you pick a pair that fit well and look great. Some shapes of sunglasses don’t suit certain face shapes. A great tip would be to try a few different styles and compare which ones look the best.

Comfortable sandals

On vacation, you are likely to do a little bit of exploring here and there. Even if you are a sun worshipper, who loves to sunbathe you will still be doing a little walking to restaurants or bars. The best advice would be to pick a comfortable sandal that you can walk round in. Sometime your feet can swell in the heat so bear that in mind when packing the shoes you want to take.


A cover up that looks just as good at the pool bar

Finally, pick out a few cover ups that can take you from pool side to bar side with little effort. Kaftans are great for this as you can get some with beautiful embellishment in all different lengths. This means if you prefer to be quite covered up you could go for a maxi dress length. But the materials are always light and airy meaning you will remain cool.

I hope this has helped you with any packing woes you might face for your summer vacation.

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