Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Advantages Of Blinds Revealed!

When decorating your home, it can be hard to decide between curtains or blinds. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some advantages of blinds you need to know about.

They can keep the house cool

One of the best reasons to have blinds is they can help your house keep cool in the summer months. It can be hard to get the right heat during summer, and we don’t want to keep the windows open all the time down to safety reasons. As we talked about previously, keep them down during summer and they will reflect the heat. It’s good to go for a lighter color which will also help to maintain the room temperature. It can also help the room look lighter and fresher than long curtains.

They can look stylish in your home

Another reason to choose blinds is that they can look stylish in your home. They can help bring out a color of a room, or you could choose a contrasting color for extra effect. There are so many to choose from which will look fantastic. You could go for one with a fun pattern if you were choosing some for the bedroom. They are a lot more fashionable than curtains. Make sure you measure the area, so you know what size to get. Then look online on sites such as Westral blinds or head to stores to find the right one for your home.

Keeps sun out

One of the best things about blinds is that they can keep the sun out on a sunny day. When you have curtains, you have to open them during the day meaning you can easily get the sun in your eyes. But with blinds, you can adjust them so that you won’t get the sun in your eyes. As this article says, it’s great in a room such as a bedroom where you don’t want any light to wake you up.

Good for privacy

Another advantage of blinds is that they are ideal for privacy. You can adjust it so that you can see what’s going on outside. It is easier than having to open curtains fully, which can draw attention to yourself. It’s great if you are unsure who’s at the door when you hear it knocking. Blinds are also good for privacy, as you can keep them shut while you’re getting changed. You can also keep them shut during the day without people knowing for definite that you’re not there which is useful for deterring burglars.  

Easier to clean than curtains

One of the best thing about blinds is that they are easier to clean than curtains. You don’t have to take them to get professionally cleaned, as you will only need a wet cloth to wipe the blinds clean. Therefore, if an accident does happen, it will only take a small amount of time to get it looking perfect again. Blinds are ideal if you have a pet, as they are less likely to get destroyed if they get their paws or claws on them. Therefore, they are a durable option for your home.

These are just a few advantages to blinds. You need to think of the cons such as how long they will last, and the dangers of the pull cord to kids before you buy any.

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