Sunday, May 8, 2016

Beat the Heat and Stay Cool this Summer


Summer is fast approaching. As much as we love long, sunny days, the heat can be a bit too much. It makes it harder to sleep and concentrate. Follow our tips to beat the heat and stay cool this summer.

Keeping Your Home Cool

The step to keeping cool is to lower the temperature of your immediate environment. We don’t all possess air conditioning units, but there are some simple alternatives.

Invest in fans for several rooms of your house. You probably don’t need one in every room, just the ones where you spend the most time. When it’s very hot, sometimes the fan warm air around. To cool it down further, place a dish of ice cubes in front of the fan.

If you have a ceiling fan, set this to rotate anticlockwise and increase the speed. Changing it to rotate clockwise in the winter will distribute warmer air.

If you have an outside room, consider installing blinds. Outdoor blinds will provide some shade and keep the area cool. You can enjoy the best of outdoor living and eating without the disadvantages. Choosing the right outdoor blinds will also allow you to keep heat in during colder months.

On sunny days keep your blinds and curtains drawn. Opt for lighter colored fabric to reflect the heat. Darker colors absorb it. Curtains will keep out some of the heat and prevent it from becoming too warm.

Wherever possible, reduce the number of appliances you use in your home. Appliances like dryers, ovens, and stoves all produce heat and will make your rooms feel warmer.

At night, keep the bedroom window open if it is safe to do so. This will allow cooler air to circulate. Invest in nets to keep out bugs.

Invest in lighter bedding for the summer months. Choose natural fibers such as cotton. Some people find that lightly spritzing their bed with water also helps them to feel cooler. Or try putting your sheets in the fridge or freezer before you go to bed.


Keeping Yourself Cool

As well as keeping your home cool, there are lots of things you can do to feel cooler in the summer.

When you get dressed in the morning, opt for lighter colors. As mentioned above, lighter colors reflect the heat. Darker colors absorb heat and may make you feel warmer. Wherever possible, wear clothing made from natural fibers like cotton. Cotton is breathable and will make you feel cooler. Avoid wearing lots of layers, which will trap heat.

Throughout the day stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. When it’s hot, we lose fluid through sweat and so it is important that this is replenished. Water acts as an internal cooling system and will make your feel more comfortable. Cool drinks, lollies, and ice-cream are also good.

If you have long hair, consider getting it cut or wearing it in a ponytail or bun. This will keep it off the back of your neck and prevent you from feeling sticky.

Keep a spritzing bottle in your handbag for a quick pick-me-up if it gets too hot. Small hand-held fans are also useful.

If possible, plan your day around the temperature. If you know you have a long walk to the post office, do that in the morning when it’s cooler.

Follow these simple steps to stay cool during the hottest months and make the most of the summer.

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