Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Oh Bathroom, My Favorite Room

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I have to admit, there's a part about being in a bathroom that I hate- looking into the mirror and seeing my body fats LOL! It's a good thing in our bathroom we only got a mirror that only shows my face and I even have to tiptoe to really have a good look at "me".

Our comfort room actually needs repair. Since we live at the neck of the woods, we sort of made our home sweet home as material saver as much as we can. So that means our home looks like that of a hobbit's LOL.

Anyway I'll let you in on a secret- I love reading inside the bathroom. Something about being bare naked and all comfy stimulates my hungry brain to absorb things I read. I guess there is a reason comfort rooms are named as such.

The hubby and I just arrived from the city and we have a major problem in the house already! For some reason our water pump malfunctioned oh my! Sigh, since it's already evening on my side of the world the busted pump won't get fixed until the sun comes out tomorrow! Gee, wish us luck! This is a test of endurance and patience.

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