Friday, April 8, 2016

5 Things You Must Do In Every City You Visit

Many of us plan to do specific things depending on which city or town we’re visiting on vacation. However, there are some things you should do no matter where you are. Here are just five of them.

Chat to a local
One of the most wonderful things about travelling abroad is getting exposure to new and different people. With a different culture and a different city surrounding them, you’ll have some of the most fascinating conversations with people. Try and chat to at least a couple of locals each trip. Talk to the barman as he pours you a drink; chat to your hotel receptionist about what he likes to do in the local area. Be courteous and inquisitive and they are sure to reciprocate.

Try the local delicacy
Another joy of visiting a different country to your own is the exposure it gives you to different delicacies. Don’t turn your nose up at things. Just because you haven’t eaten them before, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. So, on a trip to France, try the frog's legs and snails. It won’t do you any harm, and you might love it. Plus it will be another experience to tick off your bucket list!

Try their version of your favourite food or drink
Sure, you might love your coffee one particular way from one particular shop. But open your horizons when expanding. Try their version of coffee. Different cultures make it with lots of different ingredients and traditions. You might still prefer it how you have it, but you might also find a new way that you love. Apply this principle to all food and drinks you adore. This might be cheese or chocolate.

See the big tourist attraction
Over the years, people have gotten quite snobby about tourist attractions. Too many crowds and too much popularity has put some people off. Instead, they skip the tourist spot altogether on their trips. But this is pretty ill-advised, especially for your first trip. This is because tourist attractions are a success for a reason. Maybe they are historically significant, or a masterpiece of architecture. Perhaps they offer the best views in the city. Whatever the reason, they attract huge crowds because they are worthy of them.
If other tourists are still putting you off, visit at a less popular time. Go very early morning, or out of season, even. Venice, for example, is quieter in the winter months, but in the fog and mist, still just as alluring.

Go out after nightfall
There are some places that truly come alive after night. Even more so that during the day! If it is safe, venture out once it’s dark in the city you’re visiting. Take Marrakech, in Morocco, for example. The market square and souks are fun during the day. However, once it gets dark, it’s even better. Smoke rises dramatically from the street food vendors. Music comes creeping down every narrow street, and the locals come out to buy and sell their wares. Don’t miss out on these things.

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