Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Formula to Looking Fine When Am Not Feeling Fine

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Hmmmm,.. I'm beginning to look like a "huge lie". These days I'm not really in the mood to look glamorous. Yep, there are times when my emotion really reflects in my outfit. I guess being miles away from the hubby has something to do with it not to mention tons of problems work-wise.

Speaking of work, it does require me to always look my best so anxious, sad or a total wreck I stay in the office with lipstick on and some powder. It helps that I have this super ability to ignore negativity and to count my blessings.
My formula to looking fine? Thinking about the loves of my life; about how good it is to simply be alive; about those days when my present reality used to be just a dream. I close my eyes, deep breathe and tell myself everything is gonna be okay- you can see, you can breathe with ease, you can walk, talk, smell, jump and kick!

Oh, the OOTD?- It's a jacket from Penshoppe! :)

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