Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Weekend Jog

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Okay so I jogged and walked and jogged and walked last Sunday. I earlier planned to walk around town but the homebody side of me pulled be back to our family house when I reached the town church.

So skip-walk-jog-skip I did for several minutes around our home sweet home until my knees felt wobbly and the world started to get bright. I then took the route back to our house upon a hill where I was/ we were just in time for glorious Sunrise. In the photo with me was our Mhark/Mharkie/ one of our three family dogs at the moment. There's only one photo where I got him to look into the cam but I failed to upload that just yet.

I hope I get the energy to jog again this weekend! Saturday and Sunday would be awesome! Care to join me?

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