Our Pets and Our Garden In The Making

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I feel ashamed because our garden still isn't in perfect shape. I have been talking about its progress for years now LOL. Check here to see it through the years.

A major development happened when the hubby came for vacation. We were able to finalize the front lawn with the tiling of our built in long stretch bench. I don't really know how to term it LOL. Well anyway I'll post a photo of the entire area next time. In the photo above you can see the stone-like pattern of the tiles which our pets love hanging out on! This morning I saw them kinda sun-bathing there and could not help but snap though I was already running late for work. And our brightly colored flowers were smiling at me so I just had to post 'em on IG.

I don't really know when I will have more time to spend at home so the garden waits forever LOL.

For now, am gonna plant in my dreams.

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