Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Home Sweet Home Pets: Vhea Our Cat

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I love taking photos of our cat Vhea. For one, she has chinky eyes and wonderfully shaped nose and she just loves doing nothing LOL- making her a perfect model.  In the photo above she was kinda sun bathing by our porch. I just had to take a snap before going to work. The rays of the sun and the shadows falling behind her makes me wish I could stay home on a Monday hehehe....

A photo posted by thelettersinnovember (@zenskulasa) on

But be warned, she could be a bit scary too! Look at that dagger look LOL. Snakes haven't visited our abode since she was around though we live in the woods. (There was one rainy day I recall though). Hmmmm I have a bit of a problem with Vhea- am not sure whether to use he or she- will check on it when I get home and keep you posted LOL.

photo taken using my Iphone 6+

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