Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Kids, Air-Conditioning and Our Sleep Routine

The kids though no longer considered little ones still love cuddling with me when the hubby is away. They'd sneak into the room and then play their favorite scary stories on-line and I'd go "aaahhh enough of those stuff please!" and they'd chorus "mommy we can't sleep unless we listen to this" and I'd be like- "Okay, volume up so I could listen too!" LOL Seriously one of these days I am gonna record my voice and spun better stories for them. 

They love the cold atmosphere inside our room and would request the air-condition to be turned on all the time and all the time I could not refuse. I know the time will come when they'd stop bugging me and concentrate on their own lives and circle of friends for good and before long, with their own families. So for now, I surrender to their whims. Not such a good parenting eh? 

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