Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Latest Travel Adventure: "The Perfect Cone of Mayon"

I finally got to fly again last month. It was a brief trip to see Mayon Volcano in the province of Albay. 

It was my first time to fly with the boys together in a trip. I expected chaos of course LOL. It was a good thing, my mother-in-law was with us so I didn't have a hard time dealing with the boy-men, you get what I mean (huge grin).

We went there to have a glimpse of the perfect cone-shaped volcano- majestic Mayon that is.
It was only on our last day in Bicol that we had a great view of the volcano. Above is already my best photo of it as it hid behind clouds again after only several minutes.

Yet nothing could have stopped me from posing. Above was at Sumlano Lake where we had a great - time floating- post about it to follow. 

The boys enjoyed the province's specialty which is "Bicol Express"- pork in lots of chili cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with salted fish.

The shot above was taken at Cagsawa Ruins- remnants of an 18th Century church which was destroyed during a volcanic eruption.

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I took a video of my seconds of glory viewing Mayon. This makes me wish I had a better cam.

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Before flying back home we dropped by one of the hotels in Legazpi where one could watch Mayon from the terrace.

Mmmmm that's all for now. I wish I had more time to write about the trip in detail- I will soon, promise.

Will I head back to Mayon again? I would, without a doubt.

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