Friday, November 13, 2015

Breathtaking Winter Wonderlands You Have to See to Believe

Can you imagine anything worse than spending the cold, miserable winter months staring at murky skies? No, neither can I. That's why so many Brits are choosing to beat the chill with luxury holidays to more appropriate locations. But, oddly enough, it's not just the sunshine they're desperately seeking. Rather, people in droves are choosing to embrace the beauty that the cold weather can bring. Stop feeling sorry for yourself this winter and take a trip to one of these awe-inspiring winter wonderlands around the world.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Situated in the quaint Julian Alps, Lake Bled has fast become one of Europe's most sought after winter tourist destinations. And for good reason. It’s stunning lily white landscape forms the perfect backdrop for visitors to partake in a variety of winter sports. From sledding to skiing, Bled has it all.

In the centre of the lake sits a remote island fortress. Take a step inside the church located here and ring the mythical wishing bell. Legend has it that dreams literally come true in this remarkable winter paradise.

For the explorers among you, the peaceful alpine town offers an array of opportunities for discovery. Whether you choose to climb the icy mountains or visit the legendary Slovenian Snowshoe. If you're feeling particularly brave, why not try spending the night in the chilling igloo village?

Book your winter escape at the Julian Alps now with KE Adventure Travel. Packages include exciting activities for over a week from just £895 per person.

Muonio, Finland

For many people, the idyllic Finnish town of Muonio captures the true spirit of winter. Its tranquil lakeside cottages are the perfect place to escape the doom and gloom of the English winter.

If you're looking to escape normality, Hotel Jeris could just be the option for you. Snowmobile safaris in the Arctic weather offer the chance to encounter reindeer and huskies. Not to mention other native animals! Navigating this blissful municipal village exposes you to the wilderness in its barest form.

The rural Hotel Jeris is the perfect location to spot the incredulous Northern Lights. Once witnessed first-hand, the Aurora Borealis cannot be forgotten so easily. The spectacular phenomenon will live long in the memory.

The winter cottages of Lapland provide an escape from the winter chill. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more restorative setting. I implore you to sit beside a freshly lit log fire and gaze out into the open winter wilderness. It is truly breathtaking.

Goreme, Turkey

Okay, so you may not normally associate Turkey with cold weather. But, rest assured, outside of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, Turkey endures winter's wrath too.

Located in the city of Goreme are the Cappadocia Cave Suites. Believe me, the hotel suites are something straight out of a fairytale.

Carved from the sedimentary rock of Turkey's dormant volcanoes, the cave hotels are something truly out of this world. In the winter, particularly, this makes for one of the most unforgettable experiences. Imagine enjoying the luxury of a Turkish sauna amongst the snow-capped caves. Simply incredible.

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