Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why My Outdoor Space Is So Important To Me

I love being outside. I don’t really mind what the weather is like either. I’m fascinated by the seasons and how they affect the flowers and plants in my garden. It’s been something I have thought a lot about lately as I make up my mind about some changes out back. I would really love a big garden with lots of different sections for planting and growing food. Here’s what I would like in my dream yard:

I can’t get enough of how the seasons bring different colors and scents into a garden. The spring seems to be full of pastels like lilacs and soft pinks. And the summer is vibrant with scarlets and blues.

Of course, the fall has the biggest color changes of all. It’s like nature has a big canvas it needs to fill with every possible color all at once. And it’s beautiful. My dream garden would have flower beds and planting in every corner representing each season. Beautiful.

While flower beds may be planned, designed and nurtured by me, I would also love to feel the forces of nature all around my garden. I would like trees to sway in the breeze and provide shade from the sun. Bushes, shrubs and hedges all seem quite raw and natural. They provide excellent homes for insects too.

My lawn is quite important to me, but I want it to be environmentally friendly. I would have to consider one of the more economical turf irrigation systems to keep it healthy all year round.

I want an outdoor space I can move around in. Surrounded by nature and practicing some Yoga or T’ai Chi sounds perfect. I can just imagine a little lily pad pond and zen garden out there. It will be peaceful and beautiful. I might even try some meditations! A gazebo surrounded by roses will make a lovely shelter from the wind and sun.

Growing my own food has been a dream of mine for a long time. Organic produce has a much fresher texture and taste, but it is really expensive to buy. I would love to grow some fruit and vegetables myself. Lots of foods that are grown at home have quite short seasons, though. Still, it will be a delight to cook my first crop and invite my friends over for a good meal.

My dream garden will definitely have an incredible outdoor dining room. I would love to be able to sit outdoors all evening with my friends enjoying good food and good company. The fresh air and natural light will make every meal a delight. An outdoor grill might be a good idea too. Some solar lighting will make the whole area beautiful as the sun goes down as well.

Can you imagine having such a wonderful outdoor space? It’s a dream of mine that I would love to turn into a reality one day. I know there will be a few jobs to do each month to keep it beautifully maintained. And there will be lots of work to do to keep those yummy crops coming! Enjoy your garden this season.

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