Saturday, August 22, 2015

What To Do When Your Kid Gets Ill

I should know, I'm a doc but guess what- I panic and over react at times too! Yet being a mother of two and working in a hospital has taught me to stay calm and rely on medicine and God to heal my child.
So what are the essential things to do to make recovery for the kiddos swifter?

1. Boost their immune system

Have them take in fruits and veggies as well as protein rich foods. Enough water and juices to keep them hydrated does the trick! The challenge lies in convincing them to open their tiny cute mouths and chew when their appetite is dwindling so do the tango, the healthy dance or whatever you might want to call your performance as you plead them with all your heart to eat and drink. It's all psychology work and I know moms and dads out there get what I mean LOL.

2. Keep the environment restful.

No to gadgets and noisy sounds as they must have all the rest and sleep their cells need. They'll be quiet as a cat walking in the dead of the night during the critical stages of illness and this usually freaks out parents who are used to their noisy antics. Just let them be and you'll be surprised when they bounce back to being joyful when their energy returns.

3. Pray

It's what keeps me calm. I trust in the Lord whose angels abound in friends and family and the health care professionals.

As I type my rascal is back from the hospital and begging me for an outdoor activity at once. My answer is NO for now as he has still to rest and regain strength. Tomorrow will be a completely different story I tell him with a grin and I guess he gets it.

Happy parenting one and all! :)

~special  thanks to my BDH family for taking care of kuya R~ 

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