Friday, June 26, 2015

Try These Awesome Ideas To Free Up Time For Your Loved Ones

Being a Mother is a full-time job. The list of chores never seems to end, and the kids have an incredible knack of adding to it on an hourly basis! When you are busy cleaning, tidying and cooking, it can be very difficult to find time to spend with the family. Are you finding that you’re not getting a chance to get down on the floor and play with your kids? We have some great ideas to help you have more opportunities for quality family time:

Make a schedule - Sometimes we don’t even have time to get properly organised. If you’ve lost touch with your routine lately, then now is the perfect time to get back to it. It will probably need a little tweaking to help you fit everything in. Don’t be afraid to detail even the smallest of tasks so you can get a handle on everything that is taking your valuable time.

Everything in batches - Whether it’s cooking, laundry or shopping, try to get everything done in one go. Batch cook and freeze for quick, reheatable meals. Do a big shop, so you don’t have to head out again in the week. Each shopping expedition, especially groceries, can take a couple of hours. Fit as much as you can into that time. As for laundry, keep the washer and dryer going all day. Then you can have a single ironing evening, instead of having to keep putting the ironing board up in the week.

Hire some help - If laundry or cleaning gets you down and steals your time then hire someone to take it off your hands. Find yourself a professional carpet cleaning service and you’ll save yourself a few hours each month with that too. If you don’t like the idea of someone cleaning your home while you’re out, then why not schedule it for when you’re in? You could be helping the kids with their homework, or having fun with a good game.

Delegate - Even your kids can help. Make it part of the daily routine to tidy the toys at a set time. It might be at the end of their favourite TV show, or just before they head up to the bath. Older kids can run the vacuum cleaner around, and folding laundry isn’t beyond school-age kids. Get them to help with the cooking as part of your quality time together.

Turn off your iPad - Sometimes when we’re in the middle of a game, or there are lots to catch up on with FaceBook, we can lose track of the time. Commit to a family time when you all come together to talk and have fun. You may need to turn off all the phones, tablets, TVs and consoles that may be a distraction. That way you can all be engaged with each other and make the most of your company.

Quality time with the family is the one thing we start to miss as the kids start to grow up. It’s hard to coordinate everyone’s calendar. Try to find those couple of hours a day when you can sit, talk and listen to each other without distraction. Make time to make time today.

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