Friday, June 19, 2015

The Simple Joys of Walking Home

I always walk home. My car can't reach our home sweet home :)

On days when the sun is still up I get to see the beauty around me. Sometimes my phone losses battery soon so I don't get to capture the lovely things that make going home special.

But the other day was different.

I was in the mood to capture and my phone long overdue for replacement was in the best condition so capture I did!

                                                 The pink flower above never fails to cheer me up! In the morning bees are swarming it!

Our gate is simple. In fact it can't be called a gate as it is never closed! :) We also allow weeds to adorn it! These heart-shaped leaves lovingly welcome our visitors.

I love how nature provides us perfectly cut out shapes that remind us how great it is to be alive!

I spotted the fallen white flower below lying over dried brown leaves and wondered where it came from. It was probably toyed by a little girl and slipped out of her grip.

These days it has become a luxury for me to enjoy nature or perhaps I just fail to do so. Tons of paper work are always waiting for me. I am not complaining though. As I always say, I am too blessed to be stressed.
My next goal is to watch the sunrise! We got a fabulous view of the sun rising out of the mountains by our porch and I've been missing it! I promise to catch and share it with all of you tomorrow!
Wake me up early will yah? :)

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