Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fun Reasons to Trace Your Family History

Genealogy has become a favorite hobby for many people in recent years. It's now much easier to research your family history than it ever was in the past. With the internet, there's no need to spend hours searching through the archives at your local library, church or government office. Although you can still do that, and sometimes need to, there's a ton of information available online. If you want to start building your family tree, it's easy to begin researching your history and finding out where you come from. Here are some great reasons to take up genealogy as your next hobby.


Find Long-lost Relatives

One of the things genealogy will do for you is help you find relatives you never knew you had, both living and dead. You might even track down someone you've lost touch with over the years, and perhaps find out that they're also building their family tree. It can be a lot of fun to get in contact with a second cousin or distant relative that you've never met. You might become great friends with them and continue to trace your ancestry together.

Discover Drama and Intrigue

If you've ever seen the TV show 'Who Do You Think You Are?' you'll have noticed that people's family histories are often filled with drama and scandal. Not everyone's ancestry features dramatic tales, secrets, and mystery, but it can be excellent fun to discover individual stories. Tracing your family tree allows you to see history through the eyes of individual people, and you might find yourself feeling a profound connection to them.

Find Out About Your Close Family

Taking up genealogy as a hobby could help you learn more about your closer relatives, as well as distant ones. Many people begin by talking to their parents, grandparents or aunts, and uncles. You might discover that they have photos you've never seen, stories that you've never heard and information of which you weren't aware. Your parents are likely to have more personal information about their close family than you can find in any government record.

Learn About Other Countries

Tracing your family tree can be a fantastic way to learn about the world. Many people have ancestors who came from another country or perhaps left for somewhere else. You can find records for many different countries online. For example, there are searchable databases for tracing Australian family history. And it's also a great excuse for a vacation if you want to do some more in-depth research.

Improve Your History Knowledge

Some people find history hard to swallow at school, but with genealogy it comes to life. You can learn about the history of your town, country and other places through the eyes of your family members. History can be much more exciting if you have an individual to whom you can relate and empathize.

Join a Community

Creating your family tree is also a wonderful way to make friends. Because you do a lot of it online, you can talk to people on forums and over email, contacting them around the world.

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