Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Champey Restaurant (Where To Eat In Cambodia)

On our last dinner in Cambodia, we were treated in a quaint restaurant. It was the best restaurant we visited in the entire tour, for me. The interior of the resto is French inspired as well as the building where it is situated. 

 Our main course consisted of "chicken with lemongrass, Khmer pork satay, Grilled Bar-Fish with sweet and sour sauce.

The starter above was equally worth tasting- "palm heart salad chicken; deep fried shrimp cake; Siem Reap Sour Soup with Fish".
The crew was accomodating and I could say sweet and bubbly.

Their artsy Menu (good enough to eat for me LOL)

Blue inspired Chinaware, or was it?

The dessert was something new for me- "Pineapple and Watermelon cooked in honey and coconut". It was yum! Warm fruit inside the mouth was a cool surprise! Pun intended. 

One thing I loved most in the resto was the calming effectt of the music which was "nature inspired" as well as the aroma of scented candle in the powder room and the feel of soft cloth on the face.

We left the resto energized for our travel back home. Shall I visit this place again? Definitely! When? Now that is the one million dollar question LOL.

More on my Vietnam-Cambodia tour soon!


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