Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Throwing A Fashionable Fancy Dress Party For Adults

I have always been the kind of person who goes all out for a fancy dress party. Getting dressed up with your friends and trying on outfits can be great fun. The only problem is, sometimes the event itself can be a bit of a letdown. This year I decided to set myself the challenge of throwing a fashionable fancy dress party. I wanted it to be special, luxurious and dripping with gorgeous dresses and sharp suits. I had a Great Gatsby type vision in my head, so that’s what I went for. Here’s how I did it.

Hiring a cheap venue. This means less mess in your home and more fun for you. You can rent a cheap community hall with plenty of parking so that your guests will be able to turn up and get straight into the party spirit. If you are wanting to serve alcohol, then you should try asking at your local pub. Many of these will let you hold your event there for free if your guests are ordering drinks from the bar.

Try to keep some sort of order to your event without it being too regimented. For example, if you want to play grown up party games to encourage some silly fun then pick a set time when this is going to happen and let everyone know. You can then make sure that it doesn’t get forgotten. If you’ve spent money on game or outfit props, you don’t want them to go to waste.

Designing some stylish invites. This was the easy part. Just find a website that allows you to design your own invites and get creative on the computer. You don’t even need to make these yourself. Just opt for somewhere that will do the hard work for you. Most companies will fold cut and score your cards and even supply envelopes. You just need to send them out! You could also search Etsy sellers for someone who creates invites in a style that suits your theme.

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Setting a basic theme. I did this simply by stating my theme idea on the invites. Give your guests some wiggle room. Not everyone will want to stick to an exact dress code. They might not be able to find the outfits you had in mind either. Try suggestions like as a basic starting point for those initial ideas. My theme was the roaring 20’s. A time of long flowing dresses, stylish hair and decadent headpieces. Watch some movies that are set in this era to get a basic idea of where to start if you choose this theme.

Food and Drink. I wanted everything to tie in together. When it came to choosing food and drink, I knew that I had to choose some luxurious looking canapes that fit my theme. To save time and avoid having to make all of these by hand, I simply bought some party packs of canapes and fresh foods that were ready made. I then added some healthy salads, fresh fruits and vegetarian dishes to the mix.

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