Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Driving In My Dream

I just woke up from a dream. It was an amazing one because in my dream I was with someone who has long gone to the after life. It felt so real and the emotional connection I perceived was undeniable. In my dream I was finally truly driving and I was with the man who first taught me how to maneuver a vehicle. He had that gentle reassuring voice that I miss terribly.

On one of our last conversations before he passed away he asked me where I'd be professionally after ten years. I was silent because back then I had no concrete plans. Sigh, looking back I smile at the thought of his reaction to my present struggle of studying again. I bet he'd be thrilled as I am!

Indeed we never let go of the people we love no matter how long they've been gone. There remains that string that attaches us to them forever.

Someday I know I'll be with him again and I'd tour him around heaven. For now I gotta take on the wheel and finally GO DRIVE with him inspiring and guiding me.

Thank you for the lessons on driving DAD and more than that, thank you for making this heart feel so alive even after you've gone....

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