Friday, November 28, 2014

Can Moving Overseas Really Benefit Your Health?

Looking after our health when we are young is a much easier task than when we are getting older. Youth helps us heal and recover from illnesses much quicker. The aging process not only slows down our ability to heal but can be the cause of some illnesses too. Environmental factors also have a big influence on our health. While we may not be able to do much about getting older, we are in control of our environments.

Some ailments like asthma and arthritis are made considerably worse by the climates we live in. Cold and damp places cause asthma to flare up and air pollution can be very dangerous. Arthritis feels far more painful in damp weather, whereas warm and dry weather can reduce the sensation of symptoms dramatically.

When we are trying to treat conditions that are hampered by the weather, sometimes it is very easy to say “let’s move abroad.” But how easy is it for you and the family to actually do that? It might be easier than you think. Thanks to the internet, we are all in a position to research the types of places that may suit our health better. Furthermore, it frees us to work anywhere in the world depending on the nature of our jobs.

Our best places around the world to find better weather, and perhaps a healthier lifestyle are:

  1. New Zealand - This tiny place has a remarkable variety of landscapes and weather systems, so pick your area based on your weather needs. Ultimately, the air is clear and fresh, so people trying to escape polluted cities may benefit greatly here. The average life expectancy shoots up in New Zealand compared to other countries around the globe too. Most importantly, there is an abundance of natural whole foods to enjoy.
  2. Costa Rica - If you are impressed with old age, then few places in the world enjoy old age as much as the Costa Ricans. There are more centenarians here than anywhere else. This may be thanks to the diet of fresh fish and vegetables available. Costa Ricans do not tend to eat heavy main meals, but instead eat lightly, suggesting fewer calories prolongs life expectancy. The sun is more intense here than many other parts of the globe, offering higher quantities of Vitamin D and fewer reported respiratory diseases.
  3. Malaga - For happiness, it seems Malaga is the city to live in, according to its residents. As a foreigner, you will need to sort out your NIE Numbers before you buy a property here. Living in a city has many benefits if you are less able-bodied to get around as all amenities are close to hand. For happiness and mental well-being, Malaga in Spain could be the place for you.
  4. Melbourne - If you are young and looking for a vibrant city in which to live well, try Melbourne, Australia. The quality of life in this city is extraordinarily high with so many outdoor activities available and the climate to facilitate them. There is no need for a car to get around which keeps the air quality good too. Melbourne is classed as a friendly city so community support is in abundance.

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