Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Best Bath Fixtures

The light fixtures that go into a new or renovated bathroom should be given as much thought, or nearly as much thought, as anything else in the room. They can be the difference between a bathroom that's fairly quotidian to one that is memorable.

For a contemporary look that adds real distinction to the smallest powder room or a bathroom so big and luxurious it serves as a home spa, a homeowner might wish to choose the latest wall sconces, ceiling fixtures or simple but elegant bath bars. These can be installed just above the medicine chest mirror or the vanity. Some are even made to be installed in a luxurious outdoor bath.

The wall sconces can come with one two, three or even more lights. Some come with can-shaped shades that are made out of chrome, bronze or brushed nickel with beautiful perforations. Others come with milk glass shades with chrome accents.

The shades of multi-light wall sconces can be made of bright, white linen or other fabric as well as white frosted glass and alabaster dust. The shades can also be made from dark fabric for a somewhat sexier look. Fixtures can also come with delightful accents such as chrome chain links or rows of sparkling crystal jewels made even more brilliant by the xenon lights behind them.

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