Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Song For You

This one's for Musicians friend written by a friend's friend who gave melody to a blue life....

Have you ever wanted so much to be with someone you can't possibly have? Have you ever longed to be in someone's life back? Have you ever thought about a person day and night wanting to tell him or her how much he or she means to you? But yet you can't because of so many reasons....

It's been said that there are people meant for each and everyone of us. Problem is sometimes we fail to recognize he or she is the one because we get blinded by others who seem true or a personal goal which they could hamper. So we leave them behind realizing years after that they are still there. They remain faithful to the promises you made and you end up regretting you ever left them. It's pathetic yet so beautiful in a way that could never be completely understood. So we keep loving them secretly from afar- from afar where we could simply pray for them and though we can not touch them or sing to them in person we STAY waiting for the next lifetime if there is such when we can finally be FREE to give them ALL OF US.

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