Saturday, October 18, 2014

3 Lessons I Learned From Watching THE TRIAL

I can't say I seldom watch local movies. I keep myself abreast with local flicks if only to satisfy my curiosity and yep entertain myself of course. Needless to say yours truly is a JLC fan. That's not the main reason I recommend this movie though. It's the virtues that came alive on screen
Here goes....

1. Family, MATTERS

I can't count the number of times I had a lump on my throat and had tears rolling down my cheeks that I just had to grab the bottle of water beside me to fight off my sobbing. I'm not a cry baby and I assure you you'd be learning vital lessons on FAMILY MATTERS and go home appreciating your homes and everyone in it.

2. Forgiveness, sets you FREE

You'll know it when someone is sincere in asking for it. Life is too short for hatred indeed.

3. Humor Can Get You Going

And when all else fails, just laugh it out and continue to love unconditionally.

Oh well I don't want to tell you everything. No one loves a spoiler right?

All the actors gave their best performance and whatever critics say, I honestly don't care. I love John Lloyd the actor, only next to Papa P of course. NOW please don't tell the hubby LOL.

P.S. The hubby viewed the movie with me and gave an exactly opposite review save for JLC's superb acting ☺ As I said above, IDC ehehehe....Here's the trailer!

Have a Happy Weekend one and all!☺


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