Saturday, June 6, 2015

5 Things Going To Law School Has Changed In Me

So far, I'm still breathing yeah! Joggling my career as a healer, my roles as a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend and that thing called LAW school. I am proud to say I am still hanging on LOL. There are some things I immensely love about going to night class and memorizing Articles and meeting like-minded individuals. Here goes:

1. I think I will finally achieve my goal of having a "legible handwriting".
Laugh at me if you must! Gee for someone used to writing on paper with a handwriting akin to a chicken's mess being required to scribble with a pen for grueling minutes while squeezing her brain for legal basis is quite a feat.

2. I no longer feel sleepy early in the evening.
Well, night class- is night class. I surprisingly found myself the past weeks still alive and kicking way past my usual bedtime. I still get six hours of sleep though- or when I don't I make it a point to make it up with naps during the day. Otherwise I'd get all cranky and nauseated. To sum it up my brain is exercised 24/7. I wish that could make my waistline trimmed!

3. I have started truly believing in the power of dreams!
Sometimes I still find myself wondering what in the world am I doing inside the classroom when I could be just home hugging my pillows and snoring. Then I remind myself I wanted this! I wanted to become a student all over again all because I have a dream to achieve my full potential professional wise. Time flies! It is surely best to spend it wisely.

4. I began to appreciate nature more.
Not that I never loved mother nature! In fact I most sincerely do! It is just that having no time these days to ponder on a cloud above the sky and just marvel at the sun going down makes me miss the simple joys of life. I can't wait to finish law school and watch the sunset- just that!

5. Prayer- I became more prayerful.
How else will I survive those mind boggling heart stopping long exams? I don't think without a guiding light above I'd make it. Pure luck?- in law school will absolutely not work!

I have a looooonnngggg way to go so please bear with me dear friends. Bear with boring, blogosphere absent me. Know that I cherish your friendship and that a smile covers my entire face each time I see you visited my home in cyberspace. Ciao!

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