Sunday, July 27, 2014

✿Inspirational Letters: 3 Unforgettable Songs From My Childhood

1. Of course it has got to be the ALPHABET SONG.
I remember singing it while taking a bath, walking, sitting, standing and hearing my old folks clap non stop when I didn't miss a letter! Oh boy what a superstar I was! Makes me wish I could head to a guitar center for that string instrument dad used to dream I could perfectly play. 

2. Do- A Deer, A Female Deer!
Is it the song's title? Forgive my ignorance please but seriously this melody brings back so many memories of skipping and catching dragonflies for me! and yep how could I forget that movie where I first got to appreciate what a wonderful world we have because of MUSIC.

3. "My Way"- Sorry not your way!
Kidding aside the song's lyrics speaks of a journey through a life that fought great battles and was victorious in the end. It keeps me wondering to this day how a voice accompanied by notes could stir in us the most moving of emotions. Just do not compel me to sing the song- mmmm errr have I told you the only time people actually complemented me for singing was back when I sang number 1 in this post? LOL.

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