Wednesday, June 4, 2014

❤ Wed-Fashion: A Recent Polka Crush❤

Oh well, there is something about "polka dots" that seems to have charmed me. See? even the new background of this site has been victimized by my obsession. It is the middle of the year and gee much has happened in my life- decision making wise. Was I wise? Hmmm we'll see in a few weeks. All of us go through such rough times right?

Anyway before I bore you with my rantings, senseless as they are am giving you a run down of my outfit yesterday all thanks to the following brands (oh am gee please forgive my feeling celebrity mood)...

 Hat-courtesy of my mom
The Polka dotted blouse by GIORDANO- world without strangers
Pants- Street JEANS
Shoes- Rusty Lopez
Accessories- SF Trade Fair
Oil Control Powder-CLEAN&CLEAR light
Lipstick-Hotpink AVON
Not in photo (of course tehee)- Perfume, ETERNITY Aqua, thanks Jackie :)

PHOTO TAKEN 1 &2 via selfieshot: Samsung Note II, beauty enhanced
PHOTO 3 by my dearest bro Cox of Sony CSI-SFCLU

We don't always get what we ask for in LIFE, but when we pray and work hard enough we can move mountains and convince heaven!

*I am currently finding my way back to healthy eating - still searching for weight loss buddies!-seriously! LOL

3 yorum:

  1. whew!!! beautiful beautiful you!!!! i am attracted to polka dots too, haha!!!! I have always kept a few!!

  2. beautiful as always... love, love, love!

  3. Wow, you are looking pretty in polka, dear kulasa! And I love the quote with which you rounded up the post, I also like to see these polka dots as faintly resembling rays of sunshine on a dark cloudy day!! :)


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