Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Top 3 Ilocano Favorite Sweet Treats

I'm proud to be an Ilocana and these are my favorite sweet treats! No fancy wrapping, just sheer native goodness!

1. "Patupat "

It's sweetened rice cake wrapped in woven coconut leaves. The cooking process is as intricate as unwrapping the dessert package. I delight in shamelessly kissing those sweetened leaves not wanting to leave the goodness to waste. 

2. "Bukayo "

Grated coconut bits allowed to swim in naturally creamy, sweety milky yumminess! The soft coconut melts in the mouth and is perfect to place on top of warm rice to magically blend as one chews under the shade of trees.

3. "Ingkalti"

Pomelo skin dipped and cooked in sugary sauce and allowed to dry to a candy-like perfection. Gelatinous and chewy it is! Wakens my senses on a gloomy morning.

How about you what are your fave sweet treats?

Mangan tayo Apo! (let's eat folks)

It's always best to consume these in moderation because too much sweetness leads to sickness :)

3 yorum:

  1. Bukayooooo! That's one of my faves too, Dokie! Baket ka ganyan??? Walang bukayo dito! Waaahhhhh! :-(

  2. I haven't tried #3, like you, I super love #1 and #2

  3. send me all those 3 yummy goodness, oh am geee you made me drool like a kid. bukayo brings back a thousand childhood memories...


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