Friday, March 28, 2014

Soak Your Stresses Away With A Luxury Bathroom Renovation

There is no project more exciting to consider splashing out on, than a new bathroom. Something about the way the fixtures and fittings gleam gives the impression of quality and opulence that no other room in the home can quite achieve.


A new, high quality bathroom is sure to add value to your home just as a kitchen renovation would. No-one retreats to the kitchen to relax when they are stressed though, and we get stressed a lot these days. Families are under immense external pressures, and often the only way to cope is with relaxation techniques.
If you are thinking about remodelling the bathroom yourself this year, you will find some handy tips here that will help you through the process. Skills needed for a bathroom upgrade include carpentry, tiling, and plumbing. The electrical side of things is best left to a professional. After all; electricity and water do not mix well.
The hardware and supplies needed for your project can be found at and many other retailers online with a simple search.
Here is the order in which the project should be carried out, from start to finish.

1- Turn off the water supply to the bathroom and remove the old basins, bath, bidet, and shower. Leave the toilet in situ for now as it will still need to be used for a while.

2- Using a hammer and cold chisel, remove all of the old tiles from the walls and floor. This is likely to be a messy job. Always wear gloves and eye protection.

3- Once the room is clear, it is time for the first fix for the plumbing and electrics. The first fix involves installing pipework that will be needed for the new bathroom suite. Designs these days often mean that the taps are mounted on the walls instead of the basins or baths. This will all need to be accounted for. If the job is too complicated for you, call a plumber in. You can still do the rest of the work yourself.
The electrician will need to come and put the cables in for your new lighting, shower, shaver point, and whatever else your design features.
If there is no ventilation in the bathroom, an extractor will need to be installed. If it is to extract through the wall, now is the time to drill the hole for it

4- When the first fix is complete, the walls can be plastered and repaired over the pipes and cables. The finish needs to be fairly good but not perfect as it will be tiled over.

5- Now comes the exciting part of the project; the new suite can be installed and connected. At this point, you get to see if your bathroom will look how you imagined.

6- The bathroom floor and walls can now be tiled. Most people these days use the same tiles to unite the walls and floor seamlessly.

7- Bring the electrician back to connect the new light fittings and shower unit.

8- All that is left now will be to paint the ceiling and the job is complete, Well done!

The project seems so easy when it is written down as a list. I haven’t mentioned the upheaval and mess that your home is going to suffer, or the problems you will have getting the tradesmen in when they are needed. It’s not all bad though, and you will be able to relax in a hot bath in a candle lit room before you know it. If you are relaxed, the whole family will feel the benefit.


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  1. Would love to deck up my bathroom too!!
    Some great tips here, thanks for sharing this Zen! have a lovely day :)

  2. Psst...using cellphone only and commenting in the first post above without a comment yet does not work somehow, but works here in the 2nd post since arti already left comment. The sunset/sunrise pics are beyond words, beautiful Zen.

    Love the bathroom improvements here too. Hope all is well.


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