Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hot Hair Trends for 2014

If like me, you get bored of your hair easily, then look no further. 2014 is the year of your hair. Whether you have short locks, a long mane or something in-between, there is certainly a hotly tipped style that will suit you.

A new style is the cheapest, and quickest, way of updating your wardrobe, as well as making you feel fabulous, confident and super stylish. There is no better way of making yourself feel better than treating yourself to a new doo. The great thing is that this can be done regardless of your budget. Should you choose to style your hair at home, or be pampered at the salon, the hottest hair trends of 2014  are minimal fuss but create maximum impact. Planning a new look has never been easier.

High Shine Hair

Glossy hair rarely goes out of style, but super high shine hair is going to be a big hit this year. The great thing about this look is that is not only cost effective, but incredibly easy to achieve. Simply purchase your favourite serum, apply when wet and blow dry for maximum impact that is bang on trend. Your local high street will offer a wide range of high shine sprays too, to ensure that your mane is the shiniest of all. Don’t be too liberal with the hair products though, you want to have super shiny locks, not greasy hair.

Messy Plaits

The grungy, undone look has been bang on trend for the last few years now; the 2014 take on this is the messy plait. Should you not have time to preen your hair to perfection, the messy plait is perfect. Incredibly simple, and oh so stylish, this style is the perfect way to update your look for 2014.

Slept-in Waves

Beach-waves are last season, slept in waves are the look for 2014. Messier and rougher than its predecessor, slept-in waves require long hair and lots of texture and layers to perfect this look If your hair is shorter, and you’re a fan of extensions and hairpieces, check out Afuro Hair & Beauty for inspiration.

Twisted bun up-do

This is perfect night out hair and will take you from the office to the bar. Not only is this style incredibly chic, it is incredibly easy to achieve. This style ticks all the boxes should you want something stylish, but also effortless. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, separate the ponytail into two separate pieces, twist and pin up. Tendrils of hair will naturally fall loose, creating a relaxed look that’s a perfect all-rounder.

Spray Painted Ponytails

There is no simpler hairstyle that can be achieved than the ponytail, effortless and chic; this ticks all the boxes. The 2014 twist on the ponytail is spray painting your hair (with hair-safe products, of course). It’s a take on the ombre look of last year, but bringing the style up to do date. Designers have been flecking hair with gold spray paint on the tips of the ponytail. The ponytail is always exaggerated for maximum impact.

The great thing about 2014 hair trends, is that it is completely accessible. Everyone can achieve these simple, stylish looks at home. The only thing left to do is let your hair do the talking!

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