Saturday, March 22, 2014

Becoming a Man: Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate Your Son's Bar Mitzvah

A Bar Mitzvah is an important rite of passage that symbolizes the ascent to manhood. At this time, it's important to reflect on the values that define what it means to be a man. The choices and views held by adolescents at these critical moments in development can be highly predictive of how they turn out in the future. As John Milton said, "The childhood shows the man, as morning shows the day." Here are some great inspirational quotes to help celebrate your son's Bar Mitzvah and reflect on what it means to become a man.

"The Strongest Man in the World Is He Who Stands Alone" - Henrik Ibsen

This powerful quote captures many core values of manhood. While families and communities are very important, it's important that a man is able to stand by himself, being held accountable for his actions and not relying on others for his wellbeing. As a man, your son will have to learn to do what's best for himself and his family and think less of the popular opinion among his friends.

"Time Ripens All Things; No Man Is Born Wise" - Miguel de Cervantes

Although young men have the burden of learning when to stand alone, there's no pressure to do so right away. Wisdom comes with age and it is difficult to demand a high level of conscientiousness of such a man. As time passes, however, wisdom naturally develops, and your son may reflect on some of his past decisions and wonder why he acted foolishly or harshly when another response was more appropriate. It is important to remind your son that it’s learning from his mistakes that will make him into a man, not running from them.

"Who Does Not Grow, Declines." - Hillel the Elder

This quote speaks to the importance of personal development. Personal stagnation afflicts many of us. Young boys that are just transitioning into manhood should internalize the need for continued personal growth. Personal growth can occur in all facets of life, but may be most evident in education, community participation, volunteering, and professional activities. A good man grows by learning more, doing more to help the community and his family, and excelling professionally and in his relationships. Personal growth in these areas is a sure path to a fulfilling life.

"Maturity Is a High Price to Pay for Growing Up" - Tom Stoppard

Although maturity will naturally develop over time, it is just as important to stay young at heart. It's important to be serious about things that matter, such as family and education, but it's also important to remember how to have fun. People are naturally playful and curious, and your son should strive to nurture that aspect of his personality as he grows and develops.

A Bar Mitzvah is both a fun and serious occasion for a young boy. This life event represents a coming of age and a time to demonstrate the strong religious and family commitments that bind together the community. These quotes should be a great starting point for your son to think about his future as a great man.

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